Download and Installation of YaCy

YaCy is available as packages for Linux, Windows, Macintosh and also as Docker Image. You can also install YaCy on any other operation system either by compiling it yourself or using a tarball. YaCy needs Java 8, OpenJDK 8 is recommended.

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Installation is very easy on any system. If it looks complex here it's just because we give directions in great detail.

YaCy for Windows

YaCy for Linux and other OS

You must install Java 8 on your computer if you don't have it already, and start the YaCy start shell script. YaCy can run under a normal user account, no root rights are needed if Java 8 is already installed.


This can be done by running in a terminal:

sudo apt-get update
sudo dpkg --configure -a
sudo apt-get install -y openjdk-8-jre-headless
tar xfz yacy_v1.924_20210209_10069.tar.gz
cd yacy

On Macintosh


The Official YaCy Images are hosted on Dockerub at

We provide amd64, arm64v8 and arm32v7 versions with the following tags: * amd64: yacy/yacy_search_server:latest * arm64v8: yacy/yacy_search_server:aarch64-latest * arm32v7: yacy/yacy_search_server:armv7-latest

i.e. to install YaCy on amd64, run:

docker run -d --name yacy -p 8090:8090 -p 8443:8443 -v yacy_data:/opt/yacy_search_server/DATA --log-opt max-size=200m --log-opt max-file=2 yacy/yacy_search_server:latest

then open http://localhost:8090

The default login for YaCy on docker is admin:yacy


# optional: for a quick and easy installation of kubernetes, run minikube
minikube start
minikube dashboard

# optional: if you want to run YaCy in a new namespace (does not work with minikube dashboard)
kubectl create namespace searchlab
kubectl config set-context --current --namespace=searchlab

# create deployment
kubectl create deployment yacy --image=yacy/yacy_search_server:latest --replicas=1 --port=8090
kubectl get deployment yacy -o wide # optional: show attributes of deployment
kubectl logs -f deployment.apps/yacy # optional: show logs of deployment

# create service
kubectl create service nodeport yacy --node-port=30890 --tcp=8090:8090
kubectl get service yacy -o wide # optional: show service configuration

# optional: access service in minicube
minikube service list
minikube service yacy
minikube service yacy -n searchlab # in case you are running in namespace 'searchlab'

# optional: shut down the yacy deployment
kubectl delete service yacy
kubectl delete deployment yacy

# optional: switch back to default namespace
config set-context --current --namespace=default

Any OS with Java 8

Automatic development builds can be obtained from

Get the Source Code

The source code is inside the generic tarball. It is recommended you clone the Git repository at

Compile YaCy yourself

You can download and build your own YaCy with these simple steps. You need:

Then run:

git clone
cd yacy_search_server
ant clean all dist

The compiled tarball will then be in the RELEASE folder.

To start YaCy from your compiled code, simply run: