Search Engine Software

YaCy is free software for your own search engine.

Join a community of search engines or make your own search portal!

There are these three use cases you can choose from:

P2P Mode

YaCy Use Case: Freeworld

Web Search by the people, for the people: decentralized, all users are equal, no central, no search request storage, shared index.

Your Search Portal

YaCy Use Case: Web Portal

Your YaCy installation is independent from other peers. Define your own web index and starting your own web crawl.

Intranet Search

YaCy Use Case: Intranet

Create a search portal for your intranet or web pages or your (shared) file system.


Imagine if, rather than relying on the proprietary software of a large professional search engine operator, your search engine was run across many private devices, not under the control of any one company or individual. Well, that's what YaCy does!

Here is a live image of the YaCy network:

YaCy P2P Network

Installation is easy!

The installation takes only three minutes. Just download the release, decompress the package and run the start script.

Next Steps:

Download and Install YaCy Watch screenshots and tutorial movies Try out the YaCy Demo Peer