YaCy Demonstration

We have screenshots, tutorial movies, and a live demonstration. If you want to jump to the section where we show where we took the beautiful teaser image from, jump to the peer-to-peer network activity dashboard!

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Search Results

This is the search result page using peer-to-peer data: YaCy Search Engine Result List

Search result pages can be configured: YaCy Search Engine Configuration

We provide a wide range of options to integrate a search page into an existing environment: YaCy Search Engine Integration

There are many pre-defined themes and an easy way to configure your own colour schema: YaCy Search Engine Theme Configuration

Search result ranking can be configured: YaCy Search Engine Ranking Configuration


Before search resuls can be provided, a web crawl must be done to harvest the required document corpus.

There is a easy-to-use simple crawl start service which takes almost only the starting URL as input: YaCy Search Engine Site Crawler/Spider

A running crawl can be monitored in many ways, here is the crawler status dashboard: YaCy Search Engine Crawler/Spider Monitor

For more complex harvesting tasks, here is the Expert Crawl Start service: YaCy Search Engine Expert Crawl/Spider Start

Data Analysis

A running YaCy instance has many management tasks runnning and it creates a lot of data. To visualize that data about itself and the data it harvested from the internet, there are a lot of dashboards and monitoring features.

The status page which informs about the current activities of your YaCy instance: YaCy Search Engine Status Dashboard

Crawled web pages can be reconstructed and browsed with the host browser where you see the internal link structure and all kind of details of the parsing results: YaCy Search Engine Host Browser

While the host browser reveals the structure of documents within all of the single domains, the web strucure service shows how domains are linked to each other: YaCy Search Engine Web Structure


YaCy can be configured in every detail using the web interface. You can use a configuration file and also edit details inside of that file, but a web front-end is much more convenient.

Here you see the use case configuration. This is actually the first service which YaCy shows to you because the first thing you have to do is to choose which use case you are prefering: Peer-to-Peer operation, your own Search Portal, or Intranet Indexing: YaCy Search Engine Basic Configuration for Use Case: Peer-to-Peer, Portal, Intranet

The main purpose of YaCy is to aquire a lot of data from the web and make them searchable. Consequently, this uses a lot of disk space. We make the resources which YaCy takes configurable with the following service. YaCy loves to use more RAM if available, give it more RAM and it performes better! YaCy Search Engine Performance Setting

Network Activity

YaCy makes a lot of network connections and it is transparent about doing that.

In case you are running YaCy in peer-to-peer operation, you can watch the network graphic here: YaCy Peer-to-Peer Network

The peer-to-peer network can be investigated in detail in a table: YaCy Peer List Table

Every connection that YaCy does, peer-to-peer or crawling, is monitored as well: YaCy Network Monitor

Tutorial Movies

We have a youtube channel! Yes, thats a google service - therefore all videos embedded here are mouseover-activated, that means as long as you do not touch them, there is no referrer appearing at a G server.

These videos are short and most have nice music from Shiryu Music in the background. Shiryu is just great and inspiring!

Subscribe to the YaCy Tutorial Youtube channel

Demo: YaCy Installation in Windows

Please install Java 11 (or higher) first, the automatic Java installation within YaCy does not work any more.

YaCy Tutorial 01: Installation in Windows

Demo: YaCy Installation on a Mac

YaCy Tutorial 02: Installation on a Mac

Demo: YaCy Installation in Ubuntu and any other Linux Systems

Instead of Java 7 now please install Java 11 (or higher)

YaCy Tutorial 03: Installation in Ubuntu and any other Linux

Demo: Basic Configuration of YaCy and Release Updates

YaCy Tutorial 04: Basic Configuration

Demo: Start a Web Crawl with YaCy

YaCy Tutorial 05: Easy Web Crawl

Demo: Secret Agents with YaCy RSS Feed Reader

YaCy Tutorial 06: Secret Agents with YaCy RSS Feed Reader

Demo: Location Search with YaCy and Opensteetmap and Geonames

YaCy Tutorial 07: Search Locations on a Map with Openstreetmap and Geonames

Live Demonstration

Well, YaCy is all about running your own search engine, not using a central one. Therefore we highly recommend you download and try out your own YaCy instance instead of trying this demonstration. Therefore, please consider this demonstration not as production-grade search portal, just as help to find out what YaCy is and how it looks.

We provide here a link to the administration page of the test instance where you can also find your way to the search page. Administration functions are disabled but you are able to browse through the services without a password:

YaCy Demo Peer

Click here to operate a YaCy Demo Peer